Prison Break Meme + [2 Deaths]: Michael Scofield

"You know, we spend so much of our lives not saying the things we want to say. The things we should say. We speak in code and we send little messages, origami. So now, plainly, simply… I want to say that I love you both… very much. And I want you to promise me that you’re going to tell my child… that you’re going to tell my child how much they’re loved every day. And remind them how lucky they are to be free. Because we are. We’re free now. Finally. We’re free."

The way Sara looks at Michael

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We gave into our big, scary, forbidden attraction.

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+     [   1/2   ]     +     I don’t know how this happened,
I don’t know how our friendship turned into something more.

I love my mom and I live with someone who would kill her if she could. She can’t, but you know what she can do? She can put her in jail for 20 years and that is what Elizabeth lives for. That was why she was in the food court in the first place because she knew how much that would hurt me and she couldn’t care less.